Translation Team

This is our most recent venture to meet the needs of various programmes of Disha. Since most children that we work with understand Marathi or Hindi but many volunteers don’t know these languages that well, we need a system to translate various resources and materials. The translation team was formed with this goal in mind. It now helps all other programmes with their translation demands. It also has some long term goals like making a dictionary in local language for all science related words in terms of daily used words.

Pandemic Activities

Translation Team is planning to widen its scope during this pandemic times. Apart from occasional translation of documents necessary for Disha programs, we have planned to translate videos in Marathi and Hindi. Most of the good quality educational videos available online are in English which happens to be a barrier in learning for students in Disha. So, we are planning to open a wide range of quality content for them by removing language barriers.


Atharva Bhide

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