Talk for Twenty

We hope to engage the IISER community in thoughtful conversation on various societal aspects and allow them to confront complex social problems and be a part of civil society involving themselves in active citizenship.

Image of a chalkboard during the Open house on ''Why do Social work" containing keywords and questions that arose. People brought up points of the role of the Government in social upliftment, and individuals doing social work for personal fulfilment, reasons of empathy and also questioned the definitions of social work.
Chalkboard during Open House discussion on ‘Why do Social Work?’

Who We Cater To

The IISER Community

Why We Cater To Them

As members of the IISER community ourselves, we believe it is worthwhile introspecting our position while also using our unique skills in engaging with societal issues, problems and the status quo.

How We Do It

Frequent talks by grassroots activists, academics, policy makers and students. Open House discussions on various debatable topics.

Mission Statement

To widen reach in the IISER community and bring about perspective changes in handling social situations.

Annual Goals

To broaden the scope of the program through diversifying activities: Frequent talks in multiple topics, introducing and developing the Open House discussion forum.

Program Coordinators

Misaal Bedi

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Sabareesh S S

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