Spread The Smile

Spread the Smile” is an outreach campaign, organised every year by Disha. This campaign organised on 3 weekends of January provides an opportunity to the enthusiastic youths of Pune to understand rural India by reaching out to village schools around the city and interacting with the students there through various educational activities.

To spread the joy of education among the children of rural areas and make them aware of the opportunities that await them.

STS 2020 Poster: Flagship program that aims to expose the kids in villages to the opportunities they have in front of them by helping them identify and analyse the problems they face more critically and analytically, in the hope that they become more confident citizens of the country. STS also connects its volunteers to the roots of the country: our villages! Volunteers get to taste village life: eat their food, walk their roads, live their life.

Who We Cater To

We target middle school students (classes VII – IX) studying in schools in villages 60-100 km around Pune. We choose around 7-8 villages every year based on where we can make the maximum impact.

Why We Cater To Them

Our current education system does not provoke critical thinking, and promotes mechanically learning facts that may seem irrelevant or redundant to a village setting. Our aim is to interact with the students and leave them with a revised perspective of ‘learning’ and ‘curriculum’. We do not do this for any monetary gain or as part of our academic curriculum.

How We Do It

Spanning three weekends in January and February, STS involves meeting and interacting with students at villages neighbouring Pune and showing them interesting experiments not just in the sciences, but also in the humanities and social sciences as well.

Our Goals

  1. Our main aim is to expose the kids to a world they have not experienced and give them an overview of the opportunities they have in front of them.
  2. We also want to show them an alternate way of looking at their surroundings by doing experiments and activities, and having discussions mostly not done at Indian schools.
  3. As outsiders, we do not want to push our agenda onto them either. We want to get to know the problems they face, and work with them to figure out possible solutions to the same.

Program Coordinators

Anuraag Aithal

Email ID: gv.anuraag@students.iiserpune.ac.in

Prajnadipt Ghosh

Email ID: prajnadipt.ghosh@students.iiserpune.ac.in

Richa Agarwal

Email ID: richa.agarwal@students.iiserpune.ac.in

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