Science Nurture Program (SNP)

Our vision is to teach kids Why and How to think rationally in every aspect of life and spark among them an interest in science.

Two girls observing the internal frame of a truck at the Pimpri Chinchwad Science Park
Students observing internal workings of a truck at Pimpri Chinchwad Science Park

Who We Cater To

9th standard students, generally with underprivileged background from schools in the vicinity of IISER. We try to take 10-15 kids each from around 3 schools.

Why We Cater To Them

We believe that kids at around this age are getting ready to step into the world and they should know how to approach the problems and events in rational ways (say they see an advertisement in which they should question the validity of claims or say they hear some data from a politician they ought to understand the implications of the claims, etc) and to give them a flavor of science to so that they can be a part of this pursuit if they want.

How We Do It

We have two sessions on every Sunday spanning from 11:00 A.M to 3:30 P.M with a break in between. The sessions are conducted by volunteers who are students at the college, and are generally around 1 hr 30 min long. In general, one of the sessions is a discussion style (1 volunteer : 2-4 kids) which is thought intensive and the other is a Lecture style session for the popularization. The sessions take place in one of the rooms of the Lecture Hall Complex (LHC), IISER.

Mission Statement

To get closer to the vision of the program

Annual Goals

1.To develop testing parameters to measure the change in kids i.e effectiveness of program
2.To have the students engaged through out the week somehow since they only come once a weekend.

Program Coordinators

Sudeepta Sarkar

Email ID:

Vishal Panchal

Email ID:

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