Resource Team

We want to create aids that help in teaching students of various age groups. We also want to be a team that is able to suggest ideas to improve teaching and conduct talks and workshops targeted to tackle specific problems volunteers face while teaching.

Jigyasa Science Camp

Who We Cater To

We cater to the other programs of Disha currently, but hope to provide our aids to the general public

Why We Cater To Them

We believe that there are two sides to teaching. Those who interact and those who prepare material. We want to help students from behind the scenes.

How We Do It

We make sessions on various topics. A session is essentially an information bank-cum-teaching guide which can be referred to get an idea of how to teach a particular topic to students. These entail descriptions of the concept, activities, and analogies that may be useful. We have also begun an endeavor to make videos of sessions, to make understanding of how certain topic can be taught easier.

Mission Statement

To work behind the scenes as a support to other Disha programs.

Annual Goals

The goal is to reach our vision slowly and steadily

Program Coordinators

Abhijith Menon

Email ID:

Raghav Sharma

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