Vigyan Mela

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Vigyan mela is an event which is organised once in a year for the children of Laman Vasti and Sanjay Gandhi Vasahat, where Disha runs regular abhyasikas. The aim of this two-day activity is to bring the children from both the Vastis together to take part in different creative and recreational activities.

Vigyan Mela 2014:

A two day event was held on 18 and 19 January 2014 for the students of Laman Vasti and Sanjay Gandhi Vasahat. This annual science fest kick-started on Saturday, with the chief guest, Prof. N.K. Subhedar, addressing the children. The way the usually naughty kids listened to him with rapt attention was amazing. It was followed by a singing performance by the kids of the ‘Vasti’.

An elocution competition was then conducted in which the kids spoke with utmost confidence. The programme for the next day consisted of clay modelling and a drawing competition for the tiny tots, while the young adults came to IISER and participated in science demonstrations and model-making. The afternoon was packed with fun games and puzzles. The mela concluded with a prize distribution ceremony and the children displaying their artwork and drawings to proud parents.

Vigyan Mela 2013:

The Vigyan Mela this year, held on the 26th and 27th of January, was a fine blend of vigyan (Science) and other extra curricular competitions. This annual event, organised by the members of Disha, IISER Pune, aims to expose kids in the abhyasika centres (Someshwar Wadi & Laman Vasti) to science and fun activities. Children flocked in in huge numbers to witness and  take part in  the mela. 

For a complete report: vigyan mela 13

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