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Pahal ’19

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Pahal – Disha’s Newsletter

It was realised that days go by in unhappy ignorance with blind eyes turned to those who need to be seen. It was realised that so much is said and so little done in this country where a billion mouths need to be fed. It was realised that you need to be the change you want to see in the world.

And so a fledgling was planted. Disha, they called it. It took root in the spirit of youth, was watered by the drive of individuals and was tended to by kindered souls hungry to help. The sapling took naught but what it needed and gave holistic development to those who formed a part of it.

But there is only so much a nursery can do. Every plant needs to be transplanted. And thus, with a heavy heart and eyes of faith, the founder handed the sapling to the next in line. He placed it in solid ground and allowed it to bear the brunt of the real world.

Through scarcity of resource and loss of hope, the plant persevered.

It shed its cotyle-dons and gained independence. Soon it was so big that its branches knew not what soil surrounded its roots and its stem couldn’t tell the colour of its flowers.

Hence, they came up with “Pahal”.
What does “Pahal” want? For you to know what’s happening. For you to feel the joy of teaching and the hopelessness of fighting in Disha’s every uphill battle. For you to be a part of Disha.

Be a part of the movement. Be a part of this platform for ideas. It’s time to do what you know is right. All it takes is a little push. Help us be that push.

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