Membership Scheme

Disha has begun a unique membership scheme for all its regular volunteers as well as any well-wishers on a semesterly or yearly basis.

The membership scheme requires members to sign up for the scheme for one semester or one year. This makes them liable to contribute Rs.100 every month to the Disha fund.

Anyone can become members.

The funds will be used by Disha to improve their resource base as well as for outreach activities. The annual general meeting will also include a section on expenditures incurred, to ensure transparency.

Anyone who would like to sign up for this is requested to fill out the following form :



Resource Team

As part of diversifying and decentralising the activities of Disha, the Resource team was created. The main aim of this team is to design academic modules and experimental kits for the different centres. They will also help with the organisation of events and celebrations in various centres. The team is responsible for the resources belonging to Disha and making it available to all and easy-to-use. The team is also supposed to generate more activity modules and kits for the students in different centres.

The Resource Team also has the responsibility of designing modules for the Bachpan Banao scheme in Dantewada, Chattisgarh. Currently, the team is involved with creating activity modules for primary school children for the complete academic year. The modules will include basic general knowledge, music, arts and crafts, sports and stories.