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Manifesto: Sharvaree Vadgama (Outreach coordinator)

Manifesto: Outreach Team


  1. Reaching out to villages around Pune. Focusing mainly on improvising Education and using Science and Technology to solve their daily-life problems.
  2. To involve students from other Institutes.


  1. Trying to find solutions to all those problems which we got to know during Spread the Smile ’12 and ’13.

Working methods:

  • School Level:
  1. To have some activity going on in those schools wherein we plan to keep something that is continuous and useful to the students.
  2. Provide students with proper and relevant educational materials (books, cds, scientific toys, stuff for experiments)
  3. To give proper Career Counselling sessions.
  • Village Level: (Work at small and practically possible projects)
  1. Take up a small (two to three week long) project which deals with their daily-life problems and also take expert help for it if required.
  2. To have some awareness programs conducted (mainly in schools) for villagers which includes talks by some prominent person, demonstrations, etc.


Aim: to bring extra-ordinary kids to IISER and then help them and teach them to the best of our levels.


  1. Give more attention to extra-ordinary students.
  2. Expose them to Science and other streams in a rigorous manner.
  3. To guide them to think independently and thus aim to build a better future for them.

Guideline :

Keeping in mind that we cannot expect to bring drastic changes in a particular place given the time and people we have, but we can make people of the villages aware about many issues and hope that some day they themselves may understand the problems to think of a solution.


Manifesto: Himanshu Badhani (Resource coordinator)

1. To build a good resource team (with a sustainable structure) of creative persons that will include members of other activities.

2. To build a reasonably large enough collection of activities and other pedagogical documents to enable more efficient functioning of the Abhyasikas and the outreach activities.

3. To organize some in-campus activities to create a social-conscious environment and to gather support (both voluntary and financial) in favor of Disha.

4. To maintain good communication with the activities of Disha and to respond to the requirements at my fullest.

5. To manage online publicity through an active Facebook page and the Blog and to explore the possibilities of a website.


Manifesto: Nishad Mandlik (General coordinator)

  1. Ensuring the continuation of present programs through informed interaction with coordinators.
  2. Identification and motivating members: through sharing of responsibilities and arrangement of workshops.
  3. Spreading the word: through 1. Workshops 2. Short Info Sessions in clubs/lab meetings etc.
  4. Interaction with Advisory Group: for advice, information and help.
  5. Identification and interaction with other social groups/ organizations for 1. Sharing of resources and planning workshops 2. Involvement in activities of Disha and organization of workshops as part of Outreach activities.
  6. New Initiatives: Feasibility wrt 1. No of interested volunteers 2. Through the view of the students, and associated teachers/officials. 

Manifesto: Anandita De (Abhyasika coordinator)

  1. Make a syllabus separately for all the abhyasikas with the Abhyasika co-ordinators.
  2. Work with the resource team and the abhyasika co-ordinators and get as much material ready for the activities as possible.
  3. Make sure one member of each abhyasika works with the resource team to get materials for an activity
  4. Make and maintain a register where members will record everyday what they teach. (The exact format has to be discussed with the Abhyasika co-ordinators and finalised.
  5. Meet with Abhyasika co-ordinators and resource team biweekly.

Disha General Meeting

The activities of Disha began formally this semester with a General Meeting on the 15th of August, 2012. Disha aims to increase its reach and diversify its activities with better organisation and structure within its sections. The meeting was held right after the flag hoisting ceremony and was presided over by Dr. Natu, Dr. Shashidhara and Dr. V S Rao. The meeting had an overview of the activities of the previous year along with a plan of action for the current year. The centre coordinators spoke and briefed the gathering about their plans of sustenance and expansion.

The current semester will see three fully functional centres of Disha :

  • Someshwarwadi
  • Laman Vasti
  • Construction site within the IISER campus

Two new teams have been added to the Disha family

  • The Outreach team
  • The Resource team