Laman Vasti – the past and the present

Laman Vasti is one of the most difficult centres of the Disha abhyasika, community dynamics-wise. Yet, in August 2012, efforts were renewed with a fresh plan and perspective. The idea was to divide the children into levels based on their existing grasp of English and Mathematics. This was bound to make teaching simpler and more effective.

With this in mind, previously designed tests were given to students. However, it turned out that most of them were in the most basic level of both the subjects. It provoked the volunteers to discuss and come to the conclusion that English and Mathematics were not really the kind of education that the children in this centre require. The children are not in a social position to pursue an academic career either. It would do them little good to They require to learn ideas and concepts more relevant to their daily lives.

The structure of the course was then revamped to fit these interests. The classes now include bare minimum of schoolwork and maximum importance is given to knowledge of things like citizens rights, the importance of developing a reading habit, maintaining hygiene and a basic knowledge of history. A novel method has been implemented through documentaries, demonstrations and games. The children have learnt a lot, not just from the material but from the interactions as well.

Laman Vasti Fall 2012

This centre follows the original format of Abhyasika along with arts and crafts for children upto the age of 14. Mathematics, English and Science are given maximum importance and they are taught in innovative ways. The activities of this centre are quite regular with a large number of students attending.

The centre will hold a set of fun competitions for its participants along with Someshwarwadi in the event of the Ganpati festival.