Our Team

General Coordinators

Gautam Hegde

Contact him at

Prajakta Umbarkar

Contact her at

Abilash Kumar Muthuraman

Contact him at

Programme Coordinators



  • Atharva Bhide (mail)
  • TN Suhal Siva Ratan (mail)
  • Vinayak Pendse (mail)

Science Nurture Program

  • Sudeepta Sarkar (mail)
  • Vishal Panchal (mail)


  • Shivani Deshpande (mail)
  • Srijay Sutar (mail)


  • Priya Batra (mail)
  • Debasmita Mitra (mail)

Resource Team

  • Abhijith Menon (mail)
  • Raghav Sharma (mail)

Talk for Twenty

Spread The Smile

  • Anuraag Aithal (mail)
  • Prajnadipt Ghosh (mail)
  • Richa Agarwal (mail)


  • Editor: Manav Sivaram (mail)
  • Design Coordinators: Bishal Ghosh (mail)

Translation Team

  • Atharva Bhide (mail)
  • Omkar Golatkar (mail)

2 replies on “Our Team”

Shall we(externals) participate in this type of activities? We are interested in contributing in such type of activities.

Hi Aditya,
Yes indeed! Everyone is welcome to participate in our activities. Many people outside IISER have been part of Disha, at various levels. Disha is certainly not meant to be restricted to IISER. We would surely like to know how you would like to participate. We would also like to induce formation of such groups at various colleges/institutions etc. If you would be willing to start any initiative at your place of work, we would certainly help too.
Nice to hear from you!