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Disha is a voluntary organization of IISER Pune students working for a social cause. The primary goal of Disha is to promote “thinking beyond self” among the entire student community through actually working at the grassroots for bringing about change in the society. The work so far has really provided a very different perspective to a lot of us and inspired us to be active contributors, and not passive observers (or critics) in this process. Disha aims at generating trigger points for its volunteers- through work- to inspire and create such leaders who will have the courage to take up the real challenges of the society on their shoulders, work hard to find the real solutions and bring their dreams to reality.

Disha, which started informally around 2010, by a few IISER students in the form of teaching a few kids from Someshwarwadi (a settlement nearby IISER campus), has now attained a certain organizational structure within IISER. Working at slums and villages nearby Pune, all Disha activities are primarily aimed at children with “education” (not just conventional school education but in a broader sense) at the center. The regular activities include helping the kids with the school curriculum, teaching in innovative ways using hands-on activities and games, conducting projects involving learning of new skills and also self- employment generating activities. Each place where Disha is working has different objectives and activities planned accordingly, based on the situation there. These activities are coordinated and conducted entirely by the students of IISER Pune, who form the team of Disha.

Disha aims to build a strong, robust and sustainable network of such groups across the youth, who would like to use their energy and intellect to effectively respond to various social challenges and bring about change. We believe that every youth does have the fire in him/her to do good for the society, nation, world and essentially everyone. The lack of vision of the way probably hinders the active contribution by most of us. This is hence an appeal to that fire- the purest part of a human being- within everyone of us to be a part of this process!

The detailed constitution of Disha can be found here.

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